July 8, 2016

 Hi Friends!  We are so excited to introduce one of our friends, who is living the single life, and *enjoys* this dating life as much as we do!  

Ok, so I apologize in advance for this rant.
So... I'm a 30 year old single-teacher.  I own a house and a dog.  On paper, I have it going on!  However, I'm in this never ending online dating world and all that it entails.  Recently I've noticed an unfortunate trend. 

Guys ask for your social media accounts before your number!!!

And this is not reserved just for online dating. Let's look at an example...

I meet this *great* guy through mutual friends and we hit it off.  The end of the night comes, we kiss, yet he doesn't ask for my number. (Womp womp)  By the next day, I counted him out and figured he was "just not that into me."  Fast forward 3 weeks, he Facebook messages me for my number Snap Chat name.  Yep...you read correcty... SNAP CHAT!  Like he couldn't ask me for my number or friend me on Facebook?!?  Or at least ask for my Instagram, where my life looks fun and perfect?!?  But asking for my snapchat account... I feel like that's an intimate step. That's the most candid of all social media accounts. Like I very frequently add the most ridiculous accounts of my life. I don't want my future boyfriend seeing that...before he goes on a date with me. 

Hey, potential gentleman caller, instead of trying to stalk me on social media, why don't you try asking me out on a date.

Ok. Rant over.

XoXo Maureen

June 25, 2016

Houdini Rant #1

Have you ever been talking to a guy ... maybe even gone on a couple of dates... AND then he goes MIA?!  You are left like what just happened?!  You are thinking... everything was going fine or even worse, great.  We like to call this guy ... Houdini.  No, I am not going to try to justify the disappearing act behavior ... we all know that cliche "he's just not that into you."  We get it... when he does not text you first, text you back, answer your call, snapchat you, etc.  It doesn't make it any better just disappearing and not owning your behavior, but girl, it is the reality.  It happens way more than anyone wants to admit.

BUT, what I DO NOT understand is when Houdini decides before his brilliant departure he's going to make some grand gestures or plans.  Why are you doing it?  Please tell me, why you feel the need to act WAY more interested than you clearly are... then it is OVER... you are no where to be found to follow through!  How nice!  You, houdini and we are left with a bunch of question marks floating around in our head.  Thank you for that... as if this dating life isn't complicated enough ... 

My least fav type of guy ... because really ... we just want everyone to own their behavior!  

June 22, 2016

Well... hello summer (kind of)!  The New England weather can be crazy, and we are experiencing crazy as we type.  The weather here changes hourly... good thing New Englanders are known for their flexibility and patience hahahaha YEA RIGHT! 

Last night we went to the mall to celebrate summer!  Shopping, dining, and cocktails were on the agenda.  We bopped into Kate Spade to check out her sale! 
Side note: I highly recommend signing up for Kate Spade emails because she has GREAT sales and her stuff is always SUPER cute.  

But, really we heard this girl trying on dresses and shoes in Kate Spade talking about going on a day date ... both of us IMMEDIATELY look over, glare at her with our precious resting b*tch face, and look back at each other.  We both saw red (obviously) and knew it was time to go!  One us couldn't leave without making a snarky comment, and commented on a cute pair of shoes and said, "They would be perfect for a day date..."  We both died laughing and walked out.  

Retail Therapy was totally in order after hearing someone reference a day date and there is no one better than our other friend, Tory Burch.

We went in and we're browsing around.  We didn't mean to buy TOO many things ... but take a peak...

Those shoes ^^^ are so comfortable and WAY cute on.  We saw a girl trying them on and both KNEW we had to have them.  I mean ... are we totally basic if we get the same pair of canvas shoes?  
(no one wants to be basic) 

TIP:  We did google on how to care for canvas shoes and we are going out to get ScotchGard to spray our shoes.

We have a wish list of Tory Burch  stuff that we need want.  I mean obviously we need so much Tory for our "day dates" hahaha 

Thanks for stopping by!

June 19, 2016

Online "dating"... it is a VERY interesting virtual world, with a ton of different components.  Let's take a look at an ongoing theme arising on my group texts.  So there are so many different sites now and different apps.  One would think that if you were on a dating site or app ... you would go on dates.  Well... apparently that is NOT happening.  My friends and I who are on these sites are finding more guys who want to be pen pals.  They just want to text back and forth ... after a while it gets boring... like I don't want to text a stranger for months without ever meeting them.  What do you say to someone that you don't know after the basics ... AWKWARD!  But ... if they aren't stepping up to make plans or avoiding your texts asking ... then BYE!  No one has time for that DUD!

I know people are thinking WHAAAAT?!?  But, I am telling you that it HAPPENS! AND then when you think they have houdini-ed ... THEY magically appear again to aggravate you.  JUST BEAT IT ... 

Ahhh... the joys of this online "dating" world... 

June 13, 2016

Hi Friends!

How many of you text or talk to a friend on your next move when dating/talking to someone?  Should I text him?  Should I call him?  Can I snap chat him?  Can I like his instagram post?  Does any of that sound familiar?  I mean... I seriously have so many of these conversations with my friends ... hahahaha ... 

Well... it brings me to some rules created by my friend, Jamie (we call her Bucket) and her mom!  I know some people think there are no rules anything goes and some people have tons of rules on dating.  I often go to Jamie for advice, she offers great advice, I do not always follow it, but after the fact... I totally should have!  haha So Jamie has taken the time to text me random rules throughout my short stint in the online dating world and I am going to share them with you.  Well... here we go!

May 31, 2016

Am I online dating or shopping on the clearance rack?

Ok so I recently heard someone compare online dating to shopping on the clearance rack.  Initially I was super offended, hey wait I'm no leftover junk from last season! I'm high end, full price merchandise!  Then I took a minute and I had an "ah ha" moment.  Go ahead...Take a minute...Think about it...Not totally inaccurate, right?

 Well anyone who knows me knows there are few things I hate more than sifting through the overcrowded, jumbled racks of mismatched clothes on the clearance rack only to find something I like that has been misplaced or is not the correct size! ARRRRGH!!!!   Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a bargain but is that tank top for $3.99 REALLY worth the aggravation?!? So the more I thought about it the more I realized that online dating is a lot like tediously sifting through the clearance rack. Scrolling through photo after photo, most of which are probably outdated.  Hey! Guy! I can see the glare from where you took a picture of a photograph with your phone...eye roll. 

Then you find something you think is cute and might "fit" only to realize that there is some manufacturers flaw (no job, no education, just wants a "friend," never lived on their own, casual drug user, still lives with the ex, and the list goes on). How frustrating?!?! Am I right?!?!?  And don't even get me started on the blatant lies people tell.  For example, some people on these websites are either completely full of it or live what I feel would be an exhausting and overly busy life. I don't consider myself lazy, but there's no way I could keep up with all of these people say they do!

  I love to travel, I have been to 62 out of the 50 states and backpacked through Europe. I do so many things I don't even sleep. I have 300,000 Facebook friends (I only actually know 12 of them). I have volunteered for charity, competed in a Tough Mudder, went to see all four major sports teams in action, and ran the Boston Marathon and that was all before breakfast! 

May 24, 2016

Oh HEY!  We are "The Amy's" and we are writing this blog just for fun.  We have had many CHATS about dating and life in general... and well we think it is worth sharing!!!!  :)  

BUT ... WE OWN IT!!!!!  And you know what... we want MORE people to own who they are.  The good, the bad, and ugly!  Seriously though... be honest... that would be amazing if EVERYONE was honest!  

Yes, I am most definitely talking about the guy who said his phone died... NEWS FLASH there are phone charges everywhere hahahaha ... so just say you were busy or didn't feel like talking ... 

Lucky for you ... we are here to help everyone ... JUST OWN IT!  

We hope you enjoy this rollercoaster adventure ... we call life!!!!!