May 24, 2016

Oh HEY!  We are "The Amy's" and we are writing this blog just for fun.  We have had many CHATS about dating and life in general... and well we think it is worth sharing!!!!  :)  

BUT ... WE OWN IT!!!!!  And you know what... we want MORE people to own who they are.  The good, the bad, and ugly!  Seriously though... be honest... that would be amazing if EVERYONE was honest!  

Yes, I am most definitely talking about the guy who said his phone died... NEWS FLASH there are phone charges everywhere hahahaha ... so just say you were busy or didn't feel like talking ... 

Lucky for you ... we are here to help everyone ... JUST OWN IT!  

We hope you enjoy this rollercoaster adventure ... we call life!!!!!  

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  1. I love everything about this. I can't wait to see more!!!