June 22, 2016

Well... hello summer (kind of)!  The New England weather can be crazy, and we are experiencing crazy as we type.  The weather here changes hourly... good thing New Englanders are known for their flexibility and patience hahahaha YEA RIGHT! 

Last night we went to the mall to celebrate summer!  Shopping, dining, and cocktails were on the agenda.  We bopped into Kate Spade to check out her sale! 
Side note: I highly recommend signing up for Kate Spade emails because she has GREAT sales and her stuff is always SUPER cute.  

But, really we heard this girl trying on dresses and shoes in Kate Spade talking about going on a day date ... both of us IMMEDIATELY look over, glare at her with our precious resting b*tch face, and look back at each other.  We both saw red (obviously) and knew it was time to go!  One us couldn't leave without making a snarky comment, and commented on a cute pair of shoes and said, "They would be perfect for a day date..."  We both died laughing and walked out.  

Retail Therapy was totally in order after hearing someone reference a day date and there is no one better than our other friend, Tory Burch.

We went in and we're browsing around.  We didn't mean to buy TOO many things ... but take a peak...

Those shoes ^^^ are so comfortable and WAY cute on.  We saw a girl trying them on and both KNEW we had to have them.  I mean ... are we totally basic if we get the same pair of canvas shoes?  
(no one wants to be basic) 

TIP:  We did google on how to care for canvas shoes and we are going out to get ScotchGard to spray our shoes.

We have a wish list of Tory Burch  stuff that we need want.  I mean obviously we need so much Tory for our "day dates" hahaha 

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