June 13, 2016

Hi Friends!

How many of you text or talk to a friend on your next move when dating/talking to someone?  Should I text him?  Should I call him?  Can I snap chat him?  Can I like his instagram post?  Does any of that sound familiar?  I mean... I seriously have so many of these conversations with my friends ... hahahaha ... 

Well... it brings me to some rules created by my friend, Jamie (we call her Bucket) and her mom!  I know some people think there are no rules anything goes and some people have tons of rules on dating.  I often go to Jamie for advice, she offers great advice, I do not always follow it, but after the fact... I totally should have!  haha So Jamie has taken the time to text me random rules throughout my short stint in the online dating world and I am going to share them with you.  Well... here we go!

Yes, thats the ugly truth... no one owes you anything.  Unfortunately, not everyone follows the golden rule.  So if he says he is going to call and he doesn't ... let it go and move on!  

Yes, you're an adult!  Be mature and do NOT play games.  No one wins when you play games.

It’s an old saying...“But let them chase you!”
 Never look desperate

Get out there and MEET new people!  You NEVER know!!!!  Don't think that you are going to marry every person you meet.  Dating is ALL about finding what you like and don't like!


Don't give in and call, email, FB or whatever ... 
If they are interested, they will contact YOU!


It is sooooooo true!


You seriously deserve the best!  Be you and be confident!  That is attractive! :)

Thank you Bucket for sharing your rules with us!  Feel free to comment below!

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