July 8, 2016

 Hi Friends!  We are so excited to introduce one of our friends, who is living the single life, and *enjoys* this dating life as much as we do!  

Ok, so I apologize in advance for this rant.
So... I'm a 30 year old single-teacher.  I own a house and a dog.  On paper, I have it going on!  However, I'm in this never ending online dating world and all that it entails.  Recently I've noticed an unfortunate trend. 

Guys ask for your social media accounts before your number!!!

And this is not reserved just for online dating. Let's look at an example...

I meet this *great* guy through mutual friends and we hit it off.  The end of the night comes, we kiss, yet he doesn't ask for my number. (Womp womp)  By the next day, I counted him out and figured he was "just not that into me."  Fast forward 3 weeks, he Facebook messages me for my number Snap Chat name.  Yep...you read correcty... SNAP CHAT!  Like he couldn't ask me for my number or friend me on Facebook?!?  Or at least ask for my Instagram, where my life looks fun and perfect?!?  But asking for my snapchat account... I feel like that's an intimate step. That's the most candid of all social media accounts. Like I very frequently add the most ridiculous accounts of my life. I don't want my future boyfriend seeing that...before he goes on a date with me. 

Hey, potential gentleman caller, instead of trying to stalk me on social media, why don't you try asking me out on a date.

Ok. Rant over.

XoXo Maureen

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